Zachtronics Announces ‘Zachademics’ – free games for schools

Recently announced on the Zachtronics website is a page stating effective immediately all their games will be free for public schools, and school like non profit organizations.

Zachtronics is known for popular games like Exapunks, Shenxhen and Opus Magnum. These are among some of the games listed on this site for free use.

To get access you will need to fill out an email stating details about your school or organization. They will conduct a follow up, approve, then allow access to the library of games.

Here is a quick summary of the required details…

  • Your name and title
  • Your organization’s name, address, and tax ID number
  • A link to something online that proves your affiliation with the organization
  • Which games you want licenses for (see list below)
  • How many computers the games will be installed on
  • Where the computers are located (lab, classroom, student laptops, etc.)
  • How many students will have access to the games
  • How you plan to use the games (with curriculum, as a reward, after-school club, etc.)

If you think your school or organization qualifies, here is the link to their site to get more information.

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