Why you need to swap your hard drive for an SSD

An SSD is storage. Hard drive (SATA) is storage. They’re the same in that sense. An SSD can do anything a hard drive can, and a hard drive can do anything an SSD can. The only differences are:

  • SSDs are silent, hard drives have moving parts

  • SSDs are more expensive per gigabyte

  • SSDs are waaaaay faster than hard drives!!

  • SSDs can be physically smaller. 2.5 inch is the standard format, giving your PC more cooling space

Life expectancy can vary from brand to brand but it should measure up to what the common SATA drive offers.

Because the price point and capacity ratio isn’t as good as SATA we recommend using SSD as your OS/application drive, and using a much larger SATA drive for storage. Further down the road as the cost starts to drop even more, this wont be necessary.

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