Is overclocking CPU or GPU really worth it?

In the gaming community there is a lot of discussion around overclocking your CPU and GPU. The obvious reason is to max the performance out of your existing hardware. The problem with pushing hardware to peak performance is the possibility of burning out components because of the high temperatures they are exposed to.  Here are some key points to think about before going forward…

  • Overclocking will heat up your PC to higher temperatures

  • You will need to raise your voltage if you want to overclock past a certain point in your CPU/GPU

  • This leads to decreased life span of hardware, as higher voltages can be destructive to the circuit over a long time span

  • Safest process is to raise the clock speed and voltage by very small increments, otherwise you could risk damage

  • All components are different, just because someone was able to get their CPU or GPU to a certain point and have it be stable, doesn’t mean yours will.

  • Upgrading to decent third party coolers is pretty much mandatory and should be at the top of your list

Is it worth it? Well if a new PC is out of the question, then yes, go for it. Be sure to put little money into a good cooling system though, and raise clock speeds in small steps.

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